Parallel Perspectives 

Our reading program to bring Americans and Indonesians together. 


Books aren't just written about history - they can also change it. Given the power and traction that Elie Wiesel's Night has had globally - in French, and English, we have also translated it into Bahasa Indonesia.

Why you ask?

Because Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world and a religiously diverse democracy - just like the U.S. Whereas the U.S. has been suspicious and antagonistic towards Islam/Muslims that same wariness exists in Indonesia with relation to Judaism/Jews. There is therefore a ripe opportunity for exchange between American Jews 





and Indonesian Muslims. Further we ought to heed the historical warnings of the extremes of religious intolerance, which Night so powerfully Illustrates. 

Our joint reading program - "Parallel Perspectives" utilizes Soliya technology to connect U.S. and Indonesian college students to learn together and from one another. 

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Malam (Night in Bahasa Indonesia)