Parallel Perspectives

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Program Details 

Parallel Perspectives is a 7-week program in which 10 U.S. university students and 10 Indonesian university students will be selected for our inter-faith and international reading program. Based around Elie Wiesel's Night and the heroic story of an Indonesian family that saved a Jewish child during the Holocaust, our curriculum will prompt reflections on religious pluralism and persecution from both groups and with respect to both nations. Sessions will be held once a week for approximately 2 hours. Soliya, an international non-profit that enables global education through virtual exchange will be facilitating Parallel Perspectives and administering the program.  

To apply please send the following materials to by 12PM February 28th, 2018 :

- Essay answering the question:  How should people of different religious backgrounds interact? Why? (Maximum 300 words) 

- 1 page Resume

Please direct inquiries to